Boiled Sweets

The best quality old fashioned hard boiled sweets available in the UK, mostly being handmade sweets produced using age old recipes in copper pans, keeping in that unique sweet taste from years gone by. Shopping the modern way from an old fashioned sweet shop based in County Durham, selling the real old fashioned sweets.

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Aniseed Balls
Aniseed Balls Sweets Red old fashioned aniseed ball sweet 250g of Miniature dark red gob..
Big Jargonelle Pear Drops
Jargonelle Glucose Big Pear Drops Very fruity, very smooth and very big jargonelle pears. A r..
Bubblegum Balls
Fizzy Bubblegum Balls Boiled Sweets Bubblegum flavour fizzy balls. Similar to our pink & ..
Buttered Brazils
Original Buttered Brazils These butter brazils come seperately wrapped with a lovely buttersc..
Butterscotch Boiled
Butterscotch Boiled Flavour Sweets A lovely buttery & creamy hard boiled sweet. Conf..
Cherry Flavour Jakemans Sweets
Traditional Candy Sweets Cherry Menthol Jakemans Hard Boiled This great soothi..
Coltsfoot Rock
Original Coltsfoot Rock These coltsfoot rock sticks are hard brittle sticks of rock flav..
Cough Candy Twist
Cough Candy Aniseed Twist Cough candy twists are a classical herbal flavoured sweet that's be..
Fairy Satins
Traditional Fairy Satins Cushions Boiled Fruity Sweets A great tasting mixed fruit flavour sa..
Fizz Bombs watermelon & Apple
Fizz Bombs, Fizz Balls Fizz bombs have been around for years. Still the great same sour fizz ..
Fruit Rounders
Fruit Rounders - Sweets Made In Scotland These fruit rounders are small multi-coloured balls ..
Glucose Barley Sugar
Glucose Barley Sugar Sweets Our barley sugars are the best available, so beware of other..
Glucose Fruits
Glucose Fruits Sweets A lovingly fruity hard boiled sweet. Made the age old way of ..
Hawick Balls
Hawick Balls by Hill's Original Peppermint Sweets These mint Hawick Balls bullet shaped are m..
Jakemans Blackcurrant
Jakemans Cough Sweets Blackcurrant Menthol Hard Boiled This great soothing blackcurrant flavour Jak..

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